Zukai is a Saiyan from the Changeling Wars in Universe G-5. 

Biography Universe G-5Edit

Early LifeEdit

Zukai debut

Zukai's revealed base appearence after landing.

Before the events of the series, Zukai was a member of the NESF and was in the School Wars. Shortly after, however, he joined a different war, the Changeling Wars. There he would rise in the ranks until he became a Super Saiyan.

The PPG SagaEdit

From time to time Zukai and his cousin Brandon would check earth for capable saiyans to fight in the war. Seeing the Cousin Trio as the strongest Saiyans on the planet, the two land near the E-Fighters' training sight and arrive to explain and give the offer. 

After Brandon explained the past of the Saiyans and Corey hearing that the Changelings were involved, Corey stepped forward and transformed into a Super Saiyan, asking if it would help in the war. Zukai states that there was a piece of irony, the peace loving Saiyans gaining a power. Afterwards he transformed into a Super Saiyan himself (at a faster pace than Corey could), joking at how the form used to be a legend of the Saiyan race.

Brandon, seeing the reactions of the E-Fighters, states that about half the Saiyan army can transform into Super Saiyans, as well as the rest being able to transform into a lesser form of the Super Saiyan (Most likely False Super Saiyan).

Zukai Light Speed Attack

Zukai as Corey's Light Speed Attack is launched.

Corey wishes to see what the Saiyans can do, challenging Zukai. 

Zukai asks if Corey wants a "quick match," because "It'll be just that". 

Zukai proceeds to start the fight, launching Corey into the sky. After a short exchange of blows, Corey uses the Light Speed Attack, flying past Zukai and coming to a quick stop. After a short pause, Corey gets blitzed by numerous blows causing him to fall and revert to base. Thus the cousins agree to fight in the war, but leave the Eds to stay and protect the Earth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hypersonic Speed - During his (short) fight with Corey, Zukai was able to speedblitz his opponent, who was using the Light Speed Attack, proving himself to be (probably) the fastest character in Universe G-5.
  • Super Saiyan - As with many other of the Saiyans in the Changeling War, as well as Corey, Zukai is able to transform into a Super Saiyan. However, as Corey must take some time to actually transform, Zukai can do so in the blink of an eye showing his mastery of the form.


  • Zukai is an original character by Gohan2535.
  • Zukai's name was originally spelled as "Zuki". However after realizing the confusion in pronunciation, Zukai's creator changed the spelling to fit.
  • His name is a pun that comes from the Vegetable; Zucchini