Who is the Real Source?
Heritage Saga, Episode 9
Air date May 22, 2010
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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The Final Android!
This is the ninth episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy Z. The Power Prof. takes on Jonny and Plank now, but they are still alive (maybe not Plank). Eddy then finds his reason to train.


Jonny 2x4 explores the woods early in the morning. Searching through a bush, he finds the red Chaos Emerald. Before he can show it to the Kids, Utonium flies in, his power suit active, and knocks out the nature lover before he can say "HELP!" Before he can kill him, however, Sarah and Jimmy arrive, forcing Utonium to flee. Jimmy goes to warn the Eds, and Eddy finds his reason to train - although it is a little greedy. The three Eds spar while Corey meditates and Drew begins training with the Destructo-Disc. As they do this, Utonium converses with his two newest Androids and another hidden in the shadows. He seems to already have bonded with #16... The two new Androids arrive, and Corey and Drew are initially shellshocked when they see #16--they think he resembles Dr. Gero, though Drew shoots this theory down, proclaiming "if Gero were behind this, he wouldn't be stupid enough to send himself after us!" With that, the two cousins use the Kaio-Ken times Five, and take to the skies. The Eds use it against #15. It is clear, however, that, as Drew states himself, "[the Android's] attacks are angry, almost as if I did something to it," leading the cousins to have trouble with the old-man Android. During the fight, Kevin reveals his secret to Rolf, Jonny, and Plank, they spread the word to those who haven't heard it, and soon the kids know of the evil professor who taught Kevin. Meanwhile, #15 is still being beaten, but the Eds have devised a plan to wipe it out completely. #15 takes to the air and starts charging his "S.S. Deadly Bomber", to which Ed counters, as planned, with a Sphere of the Sphinx. Edd and Eddy soon join in with their respective beam, and it is clear #15 will soon be least until #16 kicks away his struggling opponents, and adds in his own energy ball. Corey and Drew join in with their signatures, and Corey finds himself wondering "if Zach were here..." 16 is able to outpower them, but not for long, for with a single urge from Drew, they go up to the next level of the Kaio-Ken, six times base level, and blow away the two droids. On the way home, the heroes spot Kevin, Nazz, and Rolf awaiting them. The three want to tell the Eds, but memories of the Eds' troublemaking past prevents them from spilling. Meanwhile, Utonium ponders his plans, gazing upon the six gemstones that are his alleged key to gaining his revenge.

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