Unwanted Interference
Chaos Saga, Episode 18
Air date January 13, 2011
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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That Damn Fourth Chaos Emerald (episode)
Unwanted Interference is the sixth episode of the Chaos Saga and the eighteenth episode of Ed Edd n Eddy Z. In this episode, the three teams split up across the world in an attempt to find the remaining Chaos Emeralds before Chaos does, only to find Eggman's creations, Metal Sonic, Shadow Android, and G-merl getting in their way.


The teams split up across the Earth. Drew sees the retro Sonic references in Shadow's looping and the zone itself. Knuckles and Ed also split up within their zone, unaware they are being watched by a Shadow-like lifeform. Elsewhere, Corey, having had enough of the race, uses a thrown Rasengan and hits both Eddy and Sonic with it.

There's no time for arguing though, for Eggman shows up with Metal Sonic. After the old fat man leaves, Corey angers and goes all-out against Metal Sonic, due to the memory of the School Wars. Elsewhere, Edd finds Emerl, who quickly transforms into G-merl and engages in combat with the three, knocking Shadow out and forcing Drew and Edd to use the Double Kaioken. Similiarly, once Ed gets involved in Knuckles' struggle against the Shadow Android, he decides to use the 2x Kaioken as well.

Metal Sonic finally powers up, and almost kills Corey, but more memories are triggered in Corey's subconscious as he goes to 2x Kaioken as well. Shadow finishes off G-merl with his Chaos Corruption form and a Chaos Blast. Ed finishes off Shadow Android quickly with his Zappity Zap Zap finisher, while Corey uses a large green Ki beam to destroy Metal Sonic. As Eggman reads the results of what he got, Chaos is following the speed team closely, slithering along the surface of the water...

Battles FeaturedEdit

  • Corey, Sonic, and Eddy vs. Metal Sonic
  • Drew, Shadow, and Edd (Double-D) vs. Emerl (G-merl)
  • Knuckles and Ed vs. Shadow Android

Did you know...Edit

  • ...that this is the first episode on YouTube to not have a time limit?