Triple Finish
Revenge Saga, Episode 37
Air date December 19, 2012
Written by SSJRandomMaster


Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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Triple Finish is the fifteenth and final episode of the Revenge Saga and the thirty-seventh overall episode of the Ed Edd n Eddy Z fanfiction series. In this episode, the battle between good and evil finally reaches a conclusion.


As Tailsko begins healing the injured heroes back on Earth with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, the fight continues on the Death Egg, with the Cousin Trio having every advantage that there is over their metallic opposition. Even strikes landed in the middle of Chaos Control do nothing to the Trio. Drew eventually blasts Cyber Mecha Sonic to a lower level of the Death Egg.

Meanwhile, the Eds finally come to, and find out the Cousins are still on the Death Egg. Tailsko immediately tunes back in to the action with the Chaos Emeralds aiding her.

As if on cue, Cyber Mecha Sonic reappears. Though badly damaged by the entire group of heroes, he announces he can still transform. He becomes his own Super form, which, due to the damage he'd taken up until that point, only leaves him roughly equal to the False Super Saiyan-transformed Cousin Trio! In rage, he tries to blast the Saiyans out into space, aiming to suffocate them in the infinite vaccum.

However, this doesn't go as planned. Mecha Sonic then aims to destroy the planet with a full power blast from his core. Corey counters with a Kamehameha. However, this was all part of Drew's plan. Drew joins in with a Special Beam Cannon, forming the Double Finish and sending the struggle back Mecha Sonic's way. The Mecha desperately tries to extend his life, but as soon as Zach forces in his Final Flash, the cousins' combined signatures form the Triple Finish and blast the Mecha through the core of the Death Egg, destroying both.

The fallout of the explosion of the Death Egg forces the weakened cousins to free-fall back to Earth. All seems set for a splatter in Peach Creek, but in a flash, Goku comes in, saving the trio from certain death. After the Cousins get healed, Shadow announces he's breaking off from the group, aiming to one day transform without the Emeralds.

Shortly after the celebrations conclude, Tailsko tells Corey she can't handle the stress of becoming involved with a hero such as him. Drew comes in, and only succeeds in making his younger cousin feel worse about what happened. Elsewhere, Tails and Sonic discuss the turn of events, and Sonic runs off, leaving Tails to wonder what's going on to his head. The blue hedgehog stops and gazes out over the beach that the Eds had gazed out over in Episode 31. With a sigh, he comments that he should wait before telling Amy a secret of his own, bringing the Revenge Saga to a close...