Townsville is a city from the PowerPuff Girls series, adapted to Ed Edd n Eddy Z as an actual city. Like most other cities, it is ruled by a mayor.


Not much is known about the city before the series. It is assumed that the city functioned like most other cities. For some reason, they never even heard of the School Wars.

Ed, Edd n Eddy ZEdit

After finding the emerald, conventional Utonium to the mayor and his people, earning their respect, he later fought against crime there,Like told in episode 34, Becoming the "Hero Of The Town" And to everyone's surprise, the city was separated from the United States. So the mayor conventional others of give energy to Utonium, But do not compare with the global energy corey and Drew, so I almost won in episode 12.


After kidnapping the mayor, The Powerpuff Girls contempt and put the city as a war zone like The School Wars, After that, I throw a report which showed to the Powerpuff Girls and killing a reporter what caused the distrust of the city.Finally, after being defeated by the Powerpuff Girls, The heroes escaped and left Townsville at the hands of Puff, That like his father, killed all of the civilians, even to those who dared to fight against them in the episode 41 and 42. And was the Battlefield in The Episodes 43-47 when was completely Blown by The attacks of Shadow,Corey And the SuperSchool's Explosion

Revival Edit

Luckely,In episode 47,Thanks to The Dragon Balls,The city was completely rebuilt In the state we was before Utonium Arrived in her,And his citizens was revived but withouth The evil people,So the city now was probably full of good people.