The Stealth Raid
Revenge Saga, Episode 34
Air date August 15, 2012
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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The Stealth Raid is the twelfth episode of the Revenge Saga and the thirty-fourth overall episode of the Ed Edd n Eddy Z fanfiction series. In this episode, the heroes conduct a raid on the Death Egg, while the mad scientists reach an impass.


The heroes teleport into the Death Egg, and get their mission objectives sorted out. Sonic's team is to stop the Mass-Produced Androids from being produced, and get the Chaos Emeralds collected. The Eds are to get to the navigational deck and move the Death Egg out of Earth's orbit. The Cousin Trio, meanwhile, have an objective similar to the School Wars: destroy the core. After a fourth wall break by Eddy and a subsequent one by Edd, inflitration starts. After a series of Metal Gear references (and one Pokemon reference), the heroes are spotted by the scientists on their monitor. This causes an argument between the scientists.

The nine fighters, meanwhile, destroy leagues of mass produced Androids only slightly stronger than their last incarnations. Eventually, the Cousin Trio reaches an area close to the Death Egg core, only to run into Mecha Sonic. Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles, meanwhile, team up to destroy the mass-produced Android maker, halting the primary defense force. The Eds reach the navigational deck, only to be denied moving the Death Egg by Mecha Shadow.

As the Saiyans prepare to enter their fight, Tailsko, who was filling in the non-fighters on the action, senses pure evil Utonium's mind! After she informs Corey, she immediately contacts Sonic and his team and tells them the news.

In the room shown in Episode 31, Utonium, now in his power suit and with both real and fake Emeralds surrounding him, converses with Eggman, who furiously demands to know why he's wearing his Power Prof. suit again. The resulting conversation reveals that Utonium has gone completely insane. Just as Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles arrive, Utonium executes Eggman by Chaos Controlling him straight into the sun, angering the Sonic Fighters.

Utonium, sneering, goes once more to his Super Power Prof. state, only to find two of the Emeralds were fakes. Stunned by the engineered Emeralds, Utonium can only watch as Shadow uses Chaos Snap to take back the other five Emeralds. Now with all seven Emeralds, the Sonic Fighters go to their full power Super forms, which are close to Utonium's 5-Emerald Super Form.

Saying "brace yourselves", Utonium snaps a face shield shut on his suit as the episode draws to a close...

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