The Great Emerald Battle
Revenge Saga, Episode 25
Drew and Sonic
Air date August 1, 2011
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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The Great Emerald Hunt
Overwhelming Evil Intelligence
The Great Emerald Battle is the third episode of the Revenge Saga and the twenty-fifth overall episode of the Ed Edd n Eddy Z series. In this episode, the Mechas and the heroes battle over the four recovered Chaos Emeralds.


At first, the heroes appear to be winning their respective fights. Even the scientists seem to think so, but they know that their Mechas have a deadly secret. It is ultimately revealed when the Mechas are nearly destroyed by the heroes' combined efforts, as a heavily suppressed super form, also referred to as an "Overdrive" mode. With this new mode, the Mechas are able to defeat all eight of the heroes and claim two of the Emeralds. Before Mecha Sonic can claim the Blue and Red Chaos Emeralds, however, Corey suddenly rises to his feet and transforms into his Dark form. The two battlers standing stare each other down as the episode closes.

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