The Final Android!
Heritage Saga, Episode 10
Air date June 27, 2010
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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This is the tenth episode of Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z. Untonium sends his last Android to beat the Eds. The Power Prof. then gets the last Chaos emerald.


At night, Goku is training at a canyon when he senses Utonium in his power suit approaching. Rather than deal with the evil scientist, Goku resolves to hide and observe his activities. As the malignant man blows up another rock for the last Chaos Emerald, he declares his revenge is coming ever closer. Goku leaves to his home, resolving to tell the heroes later on about the man who now dubs himself "Power Prof." in his power suit. 10 hours later, Utonium sends #17, the last Android he has, to try and distract the heroes. Our heroes stop sparring as he arrives. At first, Corey and Drew, using the Kaioken x6, are able to match #17 without needing help, Ed decides to get involved anyway, and the other two Eds just join in the party. A short battle again ensues, with Drew eventually using an energy attack volley to sever #17's arm. #17 decides to go out fighting, and uses his overdrive core. The heroes resolve to use a team Kaioken x10 Kamehameha against the Android's energy attack. Goku senses the disturbance, and comes in just in time to watch the heroes' beam destroy 17's body. 17 then mocks the heroes, telling of Utonium's plans and Utonium himself being behind it all. After Goku offers the heroes a training opportunity, and they accept, #17 mocks the heroes again, but this time, Drew leaps up, and crushes the Android's head, silencing the last Android.

Did you know... Edit

  • ...that this is the first episode in which Ed fires a Kamehameha Wave onscreen?