The Bad Egg
Chaos Saga, Episode 13
Double Finish
Air date August 25, 2010
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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A Hedgehog's Warning
This is the first episode of the Chaos saga. After a month of peace, Dr. Robotnik attacks the Saiyans.


In Episode 13, one month later, our heroes are training. Edd is meditating off to the side, while Ed and Eddy spar under the two vets' observation. The two state they are a fair distance ahead, but the Eds are rapidly catching up. After Eddy displays one of three new moves, Edd pulls out the Red Emerald and remembers the events of Episodes 11 and 12, when suddenly, a large shadow passes overhead. Immediately, the smartest member of the team and the veterans identify it as a large orange flying battleship. Drew tells the two other Eds to call off the spar-an evil scientist looms overhead.

The kids have already taken shelter by the time the Saiyans arrive, knowing that s*** was about to go down. Eggman tells the heroes, from his battleship, to surrender the Emerald, but Drew refuses, mocking the scientist. Eggman then sends out his Super Saibamen, "improved upon [Korematsu's] design." Our heroes quickly engage. The other two Eds also have one new move as well. After five of the Saibamen fall, our heroes' confidence is high. Suddenly, Drew realizes he senses three very weak Saibaman signals. As one charges Edd, trying to self-destruct, a large yellow energy blast flies in and destroys it. The heroes and villain watch in confusion as two blurs-one blue and one black, quickly dispatch the other two heavily damaged Saibamen.

Just as Eggman realizes what happened, his ship takes a huge hit. Back on the ground, Eddy utilizes the Special Beam Cannon and his third new attack (resembles Vegeta's Maximum Flasher from BT2), and dispatches his opponent. Edd uses the Chaos Emerald and Ed uses his monstrous strength. Corey and Drew combine their signatures once again in the Double Finish to finish off the conflict. As the heroes wonder what saved them from the kamikaze henchmen, two figures land. These figures are none other than Sonic and Shadow. The former believes they are worthy of trust and respect, but Shadow has other plans. He said there is gonna be a test for the five Saiyans and Shadow told Sonic to tell them that's gonna happen on Angel Island.



Ed, Double-D, Eddy, Corey, Drew, Sonic and Shadow


Super-Saibamen and Eggman

Attack DebutsEdit

Ray of Riches (Eddy)

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (Ed)

Did you know.... Edit

  • ...that this is the first episode in which the Sonic characters appear?