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Vital statistics
Name(s) Terra
Gender Male
Race Saiyan
Age Unknown
Affiliation Neo-Earth Special Forces (formerly)
Status Active
Base of Operations Unknown
Power Level Unknown
Terra is a Saiyan and was a member of the NESF who partook in the School Wars.

Biography Universe G-5Edit

School WarsEdit

Terra's first appearance is within the flashback in episode 41 when the Cousins explain a past event in the School Wars. He's seen meditating before the Prototype Powerpuff Girls arrive and the battle starts. He fights the Red Prototype along w

ith Drew and Tai Ma until it's defeat.

The PPG Saga

Terra Wiki2

Terra as he appears 7 years later in episode 45.

Seven years pass and Terra is seen with his family training in a cold climate in episode 45. He dawns a black shirt and blue pants as well as a yellow cape. He along with his wife, Alicia, are contacted by Corey who's asking for energy for the Spirit Bomb. Terra states that Corey is an old friend, when trying to convince his twin children to raise their hands to aid, before actually raising his own hands to donate his own energy.


Terra doesn't do much fighting as when he is first seen, he is meditating, as well as not participating that much in the fight with the prototypes. He is paired with Drew and Tai Ma revealing him to be a Ki type fighter.

  • Masendan
  • Rock Wall


  • Terra is the only person in the series besides Goku who keeps his Saiyan Tail.
  • Terra is the smartest NESF member being on par in knowledge as Tails and Edd/Double-D.
  • Terra has Heterochromia Iridum / two different colored eyes. His right eye being brown while his left eye is yellow.
  • Terra's ki/aura color is a darker shade of green than Corey's.
  • Terra has a scar on the right side of his torso.
  • He is seen wearing a yellow cape similar to Piccolo's cape in DBZ, however it isn't stated whether it has weighted properties.