Tai Ma
File: Tai_Ma_(sample).png
Vital statistics
Name(s) Tai Ma
Gender Male
Race Saiyan
Age 27 (School Wars)

34 (PPG Saga)

Affiliation Neo-Earth Special Forces (formerly)
Status Active
Base of Operations Unknown
Power Level Unknown
Tai Ma is a full-blood Saiyan, much like the Cousins, the Eds, and Terra, although he shares no blood relation. He served in the School Wars, operating as an operative of the Neo Earth Special Forces (NESF). His past is not mentioned nor talked about, and what happened to him in the aftermath of the School Wars is also unknown.

Biography (Universe G-5)Edit

Tai Ma appears in Episode 41 (Conspiracy Theory) alongside the rest of the NESF in a flashback to the School Wars. He is seen sparring with Makuta, and he ends up fighting against the Red PowerPuff prototype alongside Terra and Drew. He manages to finish the prototype off with a Lightning Kamehameha, assisted by Drew's own Kamehameha.

Seven years later, Tai Ma is carrying a boulder, when he hears Corey's call for energy in Episode 45. He tosses the boulder aside and raises his hands, saying "looks like [Corey] needs our help again..."

Alternate Reality AppearancesEdit

In the manga, he is described as "A young mentor to many, a distinguished Saiyan on the battlefield, he is granted  the ability to specialize in controlling nature, mainly specializing in the element of fire."

In the Beta RPG, he is a major driving force in the story, fighting alongside his allies against many foes. In the final battle, he is responsible for summoning the Spirit Bomb, although he is ultimately unable to unleash it, given his severe condition and the massive amount of energy the Spirit Bomb had.

In the Original Timeline, he again serves a major role in the series. He is enraged at the death of Guriot at the hands of Utonium, but ultimately cannot do anything against the mad scientist's power, until he shares the world's power along with Drew, Corey, and Makuta, allowing them to gain the upper hand on Utonium. Later on, he becomes mentor to promising young Saiyan, Zymon. He apparently shares a bit of a mentor rivalry with Makuta.


Although his appearance in the main series was brief, he is shown to be a powerful fighter. Within his moveset is:

  • Genso Hoshutsu - Although not named, this move allows him control over the elements, most especially in fire and lightning.
  • Magma Punch

    Tai Ma using the Lightning Kamehameha.

  • Lightning Kamehameha

    Tai Ma using the Magma Punch.