Zach as a Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan is an advanced transformation entered by a member of the Saiyan race when they are confronted with extreme stress or rage. Though it has not been seen in Universe 14 canon as of yet, it has been documented that all the living Saiyans can access this transformation in Universe 2535 canon, before the original episodes were lost.

However, in many of the G-5 universe's non-canon stories, Ed, Drew, Zach and Corey have been shown to use this form. It is marked prominently by the golden aura surrounding the fighter, his hair spiking up and turning a yellowish or gold color to match, and his eyes becoming a greenish color. The aura itself flows as though it were a flame.


This transformation is generally accepted as multiplying the user's power by 50, though certain fan material has increased this multiplier to as high to 100-possibly to compensate for a high Kaioken level usage. However, upon mastery of this form, power level goes even higher by G-5 physics.

Usage in CanonEdit

In Episode 46, when Blossom and Buttercup are revealed to have survived the Spirit Bomb and critically wound Zach and Drew, Corey remains in shock. It isn't until Sonic dies kicking him out of the way that Corey comes out of his shock, and with an angry yell, his promise broken, Corey finally breaks past previous limits, and becomes the first Super Saiyan to have appeared on Earth in years, easily wiping the floor with Blossom and Buttercup. It proved enough to give Corey the power to kill Buttercup, and ultimately finish off a zenkai empowered Blossom.

It is revealed by another Super Saiyan, Zukai, that the rest of the race off Earth is full of Super Saiyans and that the transformation was no longer a huge feat. 

Usage in Non-CanonEdit

Drew is given to be a Super Saiyan as of "Return of Power Prof." Ed later assumes this form due to seeing how bad the titular villain had beaten his little sister Sarah.

Zach has been shown to use this form in Ed Edd n' Eddy Z Interdimensional Crisis against Oskuro, the villain of that movie, along with Drew, but to little effect. Corey assumes this form in a what-if variation of the PPG Saga written by the fans of the series.

Corey has also used this form in the Ed Edd n Eddy Z Fan Movie: EEnE Z Ruff Revenge. Though Corey stated that it only worked 50% of the time, possibly because he had not fully mastered it. But in this form, Corey easily defeated all three Rowdyruff Boys with his allmights legendary strength. 

Known Users in All Three UniversesEdit

Universe G-5Edit

  • Corey
  • Zukai
  • Brandon (Inferred, is stronger then Zukai)
  • Ed