Streak TH 1

Streak, circa 2001 vs Training Dummy

Streak the Hedgehog is a member of the Neo-Earth's Special Forces (N.E.S.F.) unit from the School Wars. His backstory is briefly elaborated on (being a member of an elemental clan of animals like him), but his current whereabouts are unknown.

G-5 BiographyEdit

Streak is introduced as a member of the lightning elemental clan, and is seen using his unique abilities on the training dummy and later the Powerpuff Prototypes. Streak didn't seem to trust Jasper before the fight, given he used the name "Android" rather than "Jasper". 

In the School Wars, Streak had upright spines. He is also the only anthro to ever be seen wearing pants.

Seven years later, when Corey goes to gather energy for the Spirit Bomb, Streak hears his plea for energy, and is seen raising his hands, saying "Here, take what you need."

Other universesEdit

In Interdimensional Crisis, Streak's backstory is entirely different, and is similar to the Beta, where he joins the remaining dimension-bound heroes in fighting off Oskuro's minions.

In the OT, Streak serves much of the same role as he does in G-5, only he joins the heroes post-Heritage start. Here, he is Savannah's "pet", and teaches Ed how to better use his lightning element.


Lightning Element: As a member of the lightning clan, Streak is proficient at using lightning elemental energy to his advantage. Aside from being able to shoot lightning bolts and blasts, he has two other unique abilities at his disposal.

  • Light Ball Form: To zip around faster, Streak can turn his body into a mass of yellow light. This form can not be held indefinitely however.
  • Raiken: Streak's unnamed powerup, prefaced by him crossing his arms in front of his face and a bolt of lightning striking him. While using this, Streak's body gains a faint yellow glow. In this form, he gains a small power level boost and his speed is increased (not shown). It is unknown if this has a multiplier as well.

Streak TH 2

Streak using the Raiken in the flashback.