The Spirit Bomb is a powerful attack, widely considered to be the strongest attack ever created, but depends on the number of organisms supporting its use.


The attack begins with the user getting into a particular stance arms raised over their heads, and asks all living organisms for their energy. Plants, animals, and even stars can provide this energy. The energy comes together in the form of a ball over the users head, which grows as the energy is added. The size of the Spirit Bomb can very, its known variations ranging from the size of a basketball to that of a small planet. With the use of telepathy, the user can ask living beings to raise their hands and donate their energy. Gathering energy this way has proven to be more efficient in the Buu saga of Dragon Ball Z. When enough energy is gathered the user mealy puts their hands down to the ground and the Spirit Bomb will launch at the target. However even with the attack's great power, the Spirit Bomb can be caught by the target and thrown back.

However, despite its great power, there are massive drawbacks to using this attack. First, it has a long charging period, and the user must remain focused on gathering and concentrating this energy. As a result, the user(s) will be left completely open to attack, unable to defend themselves.

Second, as it draws power from the environment around the user, as well as any willing donors, this can drain their energy reserves.

Third, it has a massive destructive potential, and, if handled improperly, can cause massive collateral damage, such that the planet it is being formed on may not be able to sustain itself or even be destroyed.

Due to these overwhelmingly negative factors, it is only used in the most desperate situations as a last resort.

In the seriesEdit

The Spirit Bomb's existence was first hinted at in the series during Goku’s training of Corey in the Pendulum Room, when we see a glimpse of Goku using it in the past. During the training that followed, Goku taught Corey the technique at some point.

After testing his newfound strength on the Powerpuff Girls, Corey decides to unleash the Spirit Bomb on them. Gathering the energy from everyone on Earth, gaining a great portion of it from the disbanded Neo Earth's Special Forces members, Corey successfully created a Spirit Bomb for the first time in the series. With the girls pinned down, he fired it, and the technique managed to seemingly defeat the girls.

It is later revealed later however that all but Bubbles survived, though this much is still a testament to the attacks strength.