Proto-Metal Streak
Proto Metal Streak in battle
Vital statistics
Name(s) Proto-Metal Streak
Gender Genderless
Race Android
Age Unknown
Affiliation Professor Utonium
Status Destroyed
Base of Operations Townsville
Power Level {{{Power Level}}}
Proto-Metal Streak is the prototype robotic duplicate of Streak the Hedgehog, appearing in Ed Edd 'n' Eddy Z Kai. He is notably the first villain all five heroes faced together.

Biography Edit

Proto-Metal Streak was first shown being deployed by the mysterious Uranium in order to defeat the Saiyans of Peach Creek, or at least halt any suspicion that Kevin may be the source of earlier attacks.

The robotic duplicate arrives to the battlefield, taking on the veteran fighters Corey and Drew at a slight disadvantage, before entering Raiken Mode, prompting the rookie Eds to join the battle.

Toping the battle off with a beam struggle between himself, and the Eds, Proto-Metal Streak met his end when he was struck from behind by Drew while Corey helped the Eds to overwhelm him from the front.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Speed: Like his living counterpart, Proto-Metal Streak relies heavily on fast strikes. His speed proved enough to combat two School Wars class fighters at once, though he was ultimately overwhelmed.

Raiken Mode: A lightning powered enhancement base on Streaks Raiken, this mode bumps up Proto-Metal Streaks stats a fair amount. In this mode he was shown capable of taking on all five of his adversaries for a limited time.

Trivia Edit

  • Proto-Metal Streaks appearence proves that the remake of the Heritage Saga has the potential to be quite different then the original.