Mephiles the Dark is the main antagonist of the Inheritance Saga. His origins are currently unknown, but his is confirmed to be linked to Shadow the Hedgehog.

Personality Edit

Fully devoted to his plan, Mephiles is more proactive than his game counterpart. He is cold and calculating, having plotted to deal with the strongest warriors efficiently. It would seem he has taken an interest to Knuckles Neo, implying that he recognizes the strong. However, under this collected demeanor, Mephiles is subject to anger when his plans go left.

Plot Edit


Powers and Abilities Edit

Mephiles is, according to Sonic, stronger than any threat the heroes have faced prior. His power forced Knuckles to over go the Trial of Guardians to manifest enough strength to stand up to him. In his Battle Mode, he's strong enough to square off against Knuckles Neo, albeit on the losing end.