Mecha Shadow Goes Super

Mecha Shadow Activates his Overdrive Core

Mecha Shadow is one of the two main villiains of the Revenge Saga. He is a "brother" to Mecha Sonic. Like Mecha Sonic, he was created by Dr. Eggman and Prof. Utonium in an attempt to kill the heroes.

Appearance in the storyEdit

Mecha Shadow makes his debut along with Mecha Sonic in Episode 23, and comes out of the shadows in Episode 24. He then is told to attack Ed's team, though only Ed and Eddy will fight him at first.


  • Chaos Control - Learned through Shadow's battle data.
  • Scouter Mode - Enables Mecha Shadow to detect power levels numerically.
  • Overdrive Core- Built in by Proffesor Utonium and Dr. Eggman. It allows Mecha Shadow to go into a sort of Super form that increases his power output by 50%.
  • Chaos Blast: Data taken from Shadow.