Makuta was a fighter in the NESF during the time of the School Wars, and is to date the only Namekian to appear in the series. His past is unknown, and what became of him after the School Wars is also a mystery. 

Makuta during the PPG saga

Biography Universe G-5Edit

Makutas only appearence is in Episode 41, when the Cousins explain to the others what their past in the School Wars. Makuta was seen sparring with the Saiyan Tai Ma before the battle with the Protoype Powerpuff Girls commensed. He combats the Blue Prototype, and with the help of Streak the Hedgehog is ultimately responsible for its defeat.

Approximately seven years later, Episode 45, Makuta is contacted in the middle of his training by Corey. At this point, he is seen sporting a new outfit and a power level surrpassing that of the rest of the NESF at the base levels. He states he hardly recognizes the boy, and recognizes that everyones been doing their own things for the sake of the Earth sense the team was disbanded. At first believes that because of this he should leave Corey to whatever he's gotten himself in to. He lets out a chuckle however, and raises his hand to the cause...

Alternate Reality AppearencesEdit

In the Manga, Makuta is also noted to have been in the NESF and was described to have "a stalwart stature on the battlfield and a vast power"

In the Beta RPG storyline, Makuta could easily be considered the deuteragonist of the Bambi portions of the series. He ultimately met his demise at the hands of Oskuro, before his spirit reappeared to help Corbi defeat the villian once and for all. He was last seen using the Dimensional Stones to restore the damage done to the Multiverse, before fading away.

In the Original Timeline storyline Makuta was one of the heroes strongest fighters, eventualy becomeing the second strongest only under Drew. Over the course of the series he was able to conquer the threats of Venfro, Otis on two occasions, aswell as being one of the ones to channel the energies given to them by the worlds people to defeat Utonium. Sometime after the School Wars, he became the mentor to a blind Saiyan named Kale, helping him to grow into a valiant warrior.


Makutas appearence in the series was brief, but he was shown to be quiet powerful. While most of the other Prototypes were defeated with the bombined effort of two blasts, Makuta was able to defeat a paralized Blue with a single Final Flash. He was paired with Corey and Streak, showing that he was a speed type fighter. By the time the PPG saga rolls around, he is the strongest fighter in the NESF (not counting power ups)  *

  • Final Flash
  • Kugi Punch (Up to 3 Ren shown)
  • Only known user of the Wood Element

    Makuta as he appears in the School Wars