The Kugi Punch is a move from the Toriko series first used by NESF member Makuta and through working out the mechanics from information he was given about it, Eddy aswell. It allows the user to strike the opponent with multiple punches in an instance, resulting in multiple delayed 

Makuta Landing Kugi Punch

Makuta utilizing the Kugi Punch at 3 Ren.

shockwaves. The number of hits administered is recorded in "Ren".

Usage Edit

The user is first shown building up strength in their arm, the image of a nail appearing in accordance to how many hits will be administered. The unleashes their gathered strength in a flurry of straight jabs that hit the target simultaneously, creating a number of delayed shockwaves. With each added hit the power grows detrimentaly, making high hit uses of this technique exceedlingly powerful.


Makuta (3 Ren)

Eddy (10 Ren)