Island Throwdown Revisited
Revenge Saga, Episode 32
Eds vs Mechas
Air date circa late June 2012
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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100-Fold Gravity Challenge
Chaotic Plans
Island Throwdown Revisited is the tenth episode of the Revenge Saga and the thirty-second overall episode of the Ed Edd n Eddy Z series. In this episode, the final confrontation is underway, with both sides preparing their final battle plans to unleash on their enemy. The war is approaching its finale...


The next day (after the previous episode), Knuckles is in the Hidden Palace Zone's shrine with the Master Emerald, where he manages to create a temporal external seal for Chaos with the help of Tikal. It is stated that the seal lasts for 24 hours, but could decrease by battle. With this done, Knuckles leaves at Chaos's direction, so that way the Master Emerald wouldn't be taken.

A few minutes later, the Mechas attack the Eds, opting to use their base forms instead of their super forms straight away. As both sides begin to argue over secret plans made by fellow members of the same faction, the Mechas eventually once more use their Super forms, and deliver heavy blows, much to the chagrin of 80% of the heroes. The other 20% are confused, irritated, at how those people could be so calm.

Edd manages to inspire Ed and Eddy to fight again. Their inspiration fuels Chaos, enabling him to break out of the seal on the side of good. Now, the fight once again continues...

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