Into Enemy Lines
PowerPuff Girls Saga, Episode 39
Air date April 11, 2013
Written by SSJRandomMaster


Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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Into Enemy Lines is the second episode of the PPG Saga and the thirty-ninth overall episode of the Ed Edd n Eddy Z fanfiction series. In this episode, the Saiyans launch a daring offensive on Townsville, and find more than one group of three "creations".


The episode opens in Townsville, minutes after Buttercup killed the reporters. The townspeople's eyes, surprisingly, are slowly starting to open to Utonium's true nature. Meanwhile, in his lab, Utonium dwells on the immediate aftermath of his being launched from Earth's orbit into the ground. Revealing exactly how scarred he is, Utonium realizes he won't die as long as the Saiyans still live.

Meanwhile, the Saiyans, lead by Drew, fly towards Townsville and discuss what they should do. The fear that the townspeople might be too far brainwashed to be saved begins to thrive within the group. The Cousin Trio spot a very familiar structure: the dome of a SuperSchool is indeed in the city! As the Saiyans land, the citizens begin to wonder who's on what side.

They get their answer soon enough when three energy blasts are fired down at them. There are three figures, but they looked slightly different from the shadows that killed the reporters! Eddy volunteers to have himself and the other Eds fight these creations while the Cousin Trio move on to City Hall. While the Eds busy themselves with the recolors, the Cousins make a startling discovery!

The Mayor is in fact a robot created by Utonium! Before they can figure out what exactly happened to the real Mayor, the new weapons appear: the same ones from the broadcast. The Cousins fight with these girls, and though they are having some trouble, the magnitude of the new foes makes itself known when the PPGs use some very familiar techniques...

As the Eds finish off the recolors, the Cousin Trio gets slammed into the ground by the PPGs. Faced with no options, and to the surprise of all present, the Cousins transform into False Super Saiyans from their will alone! The PPGs use their full power as a response. The Eds begin to arrive on the scene, seeing the same thing Utonium is seeing.

Utonium, in his lab, begins to fret:

"To think they'd have access to that wretched transformation...!"

The fight is about to start up again...


This one's for all the marbles!


  • This episode was originally meant to be released on April 14, 2013, which actually marks the series' 4 year anniversary.
  • This episodes contents were very last minute, though are actualy a great importance to the plot of the saga due to introdicing the second Prototypes of the Powerpuff Girls.
  • This is the first time a totaly controlled False Super Saiyan form is used.