Instant Transmission is a technique used for traveling practically any distance in an instant. It is noted to be very different from Chaos Control

Usage Edit

The Instant Transmissions details are unknown, but it allows the user to teleport instantly to the immediate vicinity of any ki signature they can detect. The user will often place to fingers to their forehead (a sort of focusing routine) and search out for their target, though it can be performed without this gesture.

This technique was first shown by Goku, noticeably used by him in order to bring Zach to Tails's House after the Saiyan completed his training.

Sometime in between Episodes 42 and 44 Goku taught Corey this technique, and he is shown using it frequently after his arrival to the battlefield, surprising the Powerpuff Girls. In the episodes that follow and lead up to his departure, it was shown the Instant Transmission has made it into his regularly used arsenal.

Users Edit

  • Son Goku
  • Corey