Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball franchise and a

Vital statistics
Name(s) Goku

Son Goku

Gender Male
Race Saiyan
Age Unknown (presumably 1300 years old)
Affiliation Z-Fighters (former)

E-Fighters (occasionally)

Status Active
Base of Operations Earth
Power Level Unknown
recurring guest on EEnE Z.

Heritage SagaEdit

He first appears in Episode 2, both in the School Wars flashback, and in the present day. Corey recounts how, in the final battle of the war, he had been rescued by Goku after his defeat of Proto-Metal Sonic at the Super School Core. Goku disappeared following the aftermath of the war. Many years later, he reappears, this time near Peach Creek, where he teaches the E-Fighters how to achieve Kaio-Ken.

He is later seen in Episode 10, training and witnessing Power Prof. getting the last Chaos Emerald. He later senses the heated battle between the E-Fighters and one of Utonium's creations. He arrives, only to witness the E-Fighters overwhelm the Android. He then decides to train our heroes up until the battle with Utonium.

Revenge SagaEdit

He shows up with Zach while they're trying to figure out what to do when they thought Corey was dead.He also appears when the Cousin Trio beat Super Cyber Mecha Sonic, saving their lives. Although everyone present recognizes and tries to call out to him, he leaves without saying a word. Everyone later rejoices the heroes' victory.

PPG Saga Edit

Goku appears once again in the PPG Saga, this time playing a more prominent role as Corey's personal master.

After suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of the Powerpuff Girls, Corey seeks him out near the end of Episode 41, requesting that Goku train him. Throughout episodes 42-43, he trains Corey for the upcoming rematch against the Powerpuff Girls. He trains him by sparring and meditating with him, and later taking him into the Pendulum Room to fight against Android #19 and Frieza. However, after Corey completes his training in Episode 44, Goku mysteriously disappears once again, leaving Corey to join his friends in the fight against the Powerpuff Girls.

Goku is later seen in a flashback. Following the battle, Corey muses on the recent events, and recalls a conversation with Goku he had about his drive to save everyone. In it, Goku tells him about what to do should anyone die in the battle against the Powerpuff Girls. Goku's words guide Corey to the long-lost Kame House, where he finds the Dragon Radar, prompting the search for the Dragon Balls.

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