Ed False Super Saiyan Power

False Super Saiyan Power is an ability used by an enraged Ed that allowed him to utilize some of False Super Saiyan power without going into it's burst or controlled stages.


If a Saiyan is undergoing a fair amount of stress and have a base power great enough to enter the False Super Saiyan forms burst, they may call upon some its power. It multiples the users base by 30, though that power is at a extremely rapid drain thereafter. 

It's first and only clear use was by Ed in Episode 33 after becoming enraged at the notion of losing to the Mechas. It allowed him to hold a temporary upper hand against Mecha Shadow in his Super form before the power ran out. 


  • This power up was initially simply a powerful rage boost to signify Ed almost achieving a FSSJ burst. However after "Super Saiyan power", the power up Goku uses against the Cold Family and Ginyu Force, became an official term through the card presented in Dragon Ball Heroes Toonking911 decided to dub this a similar power up.
  • SSJ7G has a disdain for the "Super Saiyan power" power up. He has admited however, that that's similar enough to what Ed did.