Vital statistics
Name(s) Edd, Double D


Gender Male
Race Saiyan
Age 14(Heritage & Chaos Sagas)

15(Revenge Saga) 16(PPG Saga) 18(Inheritance Saga)

Affiliation E-Fighters, Peach Creek, Rathnik Avenue, Cul-de-Sac Kids
Status Active
Base of Operations Peach Creek
Power Level 2,000,000 (base)

80,000,000 (False Super Saiyan)

Eddward, aka Edd or Double-D, is the genius of the Eds. Though the weakest of the trio, he more than makes up for it with his brainpower. This allows him to develop potent and powerful Ki attacks.

Appearance Edit

Edd's most noticeable feature is his sock-like black hat. Under this sock, however, he hides his black spiked hair. His regular attire calls for a red mid-sleeved shirt and blue pants, with matching blue sneakers.

In the Inheritance Saga, Edd's adapted back into wearing shorts, black in color, and a green long sleeve under his red shirt, as well as green and white sneakers.


  • In Ed Edd n Eddy Z, Double D has a full head of hair, but in Ed Edd n Eddy it is never revealed what is under his hat.
  • Story writer Toonking911 has stated that he believes it was Ed who named Edd's Galactic Donut attack as, "It seems like more of a name Ed would give, then smarty pants Double D."

    Edd as he appears in the original series.