'E'd Edd n Eddy Z: Interdimensional Crisis is a text-based movie written by the maker of the Ed Edd n Eddy Z animated series, SSJ7G. It does derive some of its parts from another work SSJ7G wrote, as well as the Crisis of Multiple Earths Universe 2 what-if. The full story can be found here for now.


Six months after the destruction of Mecha Sonic and the Death Egg, our heroes have been training harder than ever. Zach and Drew have attained Super Saiyan, and are stronger than Corey. Corey and the Eds, meanwhile, struggle to catch up with the elders, only being False Super Saiyan. However, one day, strange events start to happen, with a being known only as Oskuro searching for aritifacts known as the "Dimensional Stones". With Corey and Sonic immersed in another universe's problems and Oskuro with four of five of the powerful stones, can this darkness be destroyed, or will reality be distorted or destroyed?

Plot SummaryEdit

This shall be left to those that enjoy what they read of the adventure, despite its oddities.