Ed - Kaioken (with lighting)

Ed (Kaio-ken) drawn by TheMelon93/SSJ mike


The manga is technically a recap of all the events that occur in the animated series, although it is meant to fill in the plot holes that were not fully covered in the original series. Original story by SSJ5G, additional storyboarding by SSJ5G and TheMelon93, Illustrations and art by TheMelon93.

The manga is currently at Chapter 0, which covers Corey's first meeting with the Eds and the events leading up to Episode 1 of the animated series. 


Chapter 0


  • Originally started out as a jest made between SSJ5G and TheMelon93, in which the latter stated that he would make his own version of Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z, and SSJ5G joked for him to surprise him if he ever made it. The result was actually a text based story, the origin of Universe M-9314, but later transgressed into an actual manga later on.
  • SSJ5G has personally been helping TheMelon93 with plot points, so anything in the manga is considered as canon as the animated series.
  • TheMelon93 has noted to SSJ5G that he would gradually change the Eds' look. Whatever TheMelon93 meant by this remains to be seen.