Vital statistics
Name(s) Ed,

Lumpy, Monobrow

Gender Male
Race Saiyan
Age 13 (Heritage & Chaos Sagas)

14 (Revenge Saga) 15 (PPG Saga) 18 (Inheritance)

Affiliation E-Fighters, Peach Creek, Rathnik Avenue, Cul-de-Sac Kids
Status Active
Base of Operations Peach Creek
Power Level 2,800,000 (base)The Storm(Base) 4,200,000

210,000,000 (Super Saiyan)

Ed is the work horse of the Eds. He is both the strongest and the least intelligent out of the Eds. He has a little sister, Sarah, who is also a Saiyan, he is the human counterpart of the Storm.


Ed first appeared in Android Attack! like the other Eds with Corey and Drew.

Ed has bright yellow skin, a uni brow and has a buzz cut. He wears a green jacket, a red and white shirt with blue jeans.

In the Inheritance Saga, Ed grew out his Saiyan hair like Eddy, and it is revealed to be orange, spiky, and curled back.


  • Ed seems to be like Goku in a few ways:
    • Afraid of needles.
    • Goofy but serious when needed.
  • A few of Ed's moves are based on Internet memes, such as the Lazah and the 91 Hits Combo.
  • With each Saga, Ed appears to gain a small percentage of intelligence.