School Wars Poster

The poster for the School Wars saga. Note that certain character sprites are not in the right attire.

The Original Timeline RPG (or referred to otherwise as "Neo Ed Edd N' Eddy Z") is a RPG on the "Original Timeline" forums that SSJ7G created for a text-based RPG based off the main series. The series itself is based off of the Animated Series by SSJRandommaster/SSJ7G, and as such is a retelling of the story with various Role Players fan characters added. While the plot of the series uses the Animated Series as a framework, certain scenes are completly different or didn't happen altogether. The School Wars for instance, is delved much more into in the Original Timeline, totaling 6 "episodes" instead of the short segment as in the Animated series.

The Original Timeline RPG was created for the purpose of those who participated in the Beta story to still being able to collaberate on a story, aswell as some of them not having any other long term storys going on at the time.


As stated above, the story is based off the Animated Story, though many instances are only in this story line. The School Wars, the first arc of the series, took the span of 6 episodes. The arc not only included the final battle of the Super School but also various battles and events beforehand such as the powerful Changeling Venfro and a clone of King Piccolo.

List of OT exclusive characters (Including those in the Beta)Edit

  • Makuta
  • Terra
  • Alicia
  • Streak the Hedgehog
  • Tai Ma
  • Jasper Zero
  • Kale the Blind Saiyan
  • Zymon
  • Otis (Project Odysseus)
  • Guriot
  • Kaia
  • Various Villians/Fodder That Would Be Spoilers If Told


  • The Original Timeline RPG began December 15th, 2011.
  • The RPG was originaly meant to include all those who were in the Beta, but many dropped out of the Beta before its conclusion.
  • The EEnEZ Manga includes all of the characters that were in the School Wars during the Manga's School Wars recap. This is because the Manga's creator (SSJ Mike/TheMelon93) was a Role Player in the Beta and Original Timeline, as the creator of Tai Ma. He also felt that "there weren't enough characters to fill in for the Wars, and that it made more sense to have a whole company of super-powered organisms."
  • Other then using the Cousins in the RPG, SSJRandommaster also used his fan character Streak the Hedgehog.
  • Saskestheman (known as Solarheal9 on Deviant Art) has confirmed he plans on Animating the RPG, with permission from SSJRandommaster. Due to limits of animating, certian scenes will take place differently, and certain events won't happen at all.

Pictures (By SSJ mike/TheMelon93)Edit