Corey utilizing his Dark Form.

Dark Transformation is a Super form attained through extreme anger felt by good-hearted people. It seems that this also negates any anger-fueled Saiyan transformation, but this is unclear as of right now. While in this form, the user's hair (or spikes) stand on end and turn black. Some users of this form lose their pupils, but others merely gain red eyes. Also, their aura becomes an inky dark blue.

Usage and PowerEdit

In Episode 25, when Corey realizes that the other team was also knocked out by Mecha Shadow and
Dark Corey 2

Corey Mid Transformation (Episode 25)

the Emeralds they had were taken, he loses himself to a fit of anger and the Emeralds merely react to this anger and force him to his Dark form.

While in this form, the user's power is multiplied by 15 per Emerald used. In Corey's case, it would be 30.

One year later, during the PPG Saga, after Sonic and Knuckles are defeated by the Full Power PPGs, Shadow is left standing and uses the power of the 3 Emeralds in his possession, as well as a Chaos Drive he was holding to continue the fight. Because of this, his power was multiplied by 67.5.

Known UsersEdit

  • Corey
  • Sonic (stated, not seen)
  • Shadow(different variation/Chaos Drive included)
Dark Corey 1

Dark Corey


  • It seems that since this is a sort of Anti-Super Form, it is possible for the user to use Dark Versions of the Chaos Abilities: Chaos Bolt, Chaos Blast, Ect...