Chaotic Plans
Revenge Saga, Episode 33
Exhausted Eds and Chaos
Air date July 19, 2012
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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Chaotic Plans is the eleventh episode of the Revenge Saga and the thirty-third overall episode of the Ed Edd n Eddy Z sprite series. In this episode, the battle rages on Angel Island, as the side of light prepares to come apart at the seams over the secret plans of some of the heroes.


The fight continues, but Perfect Chaos's tripled power avails Ed little, as Mecha Shadow in his super form is still able to wreak havoc on their bodies with physical and energy attacks. Edd and Eddy can't seem to land a decent hit on Mecha Sonic either. When the Eds are knocked down, Chaos volunteers to take the Mechas on in a one-on-two match using his Kaioken derivative, the Chaotic Water Fist. Tinting his body and energy dark blue, Chaos once more flies into battle, taking a small advantage. However, this advantage wanes quickly due to the high energy usage the prototype move inflicts.

When Chaos vanishes, Utonium gives the order to knock out the Eds and take the Emeralds. While all this is going on, Knuckles and Zach are about to snap and fly into battle, Zach's pupils disappearing twice. Corey and Drew finally agree to let them in on the plan. Tailsko experiences similar turbulence in the Cul-De-Sac, as she is the only one not freaking out over the Eds getting beaten aside.

Soon, only Ed is left. He enters a strong trance of rage, almost enough to propel him into a False Super Saiyan state. In his Rage Saiyan mode, Ed's power level increases to slightly over four million as the battle rages into action once more, with Ed being able to finally land some power punches on Mecha Shadow. Mecha Sonic, meanwhile, takes the Chaos Emeralds and leaves. However, even with his burst of power, Ed's level of strength wanes considerably and allows Mecha Shadow to take his leave as well. All hope seems lost...

...until Tailsko finally reveals the heroes' plan to the Kids. The Emeralds on Angel Island were in fact fake Chaos Emeralds, designed by Tails and Edd to fool the scientists. More specifically, it would deliver an appropriate charge to whatever the scientists were powering: if it was a Power Prof-style battle jacket, it would stun the wearer; if it was a laser cannon or other mechanical device, it would cause a devastating short-circuit. Either way would allow the heroes to take back the other five Chaos Emeralds and launch their official counterattack.

The heroes arrive on Angel Island, leaving the Master Emerald there under Zach's Galick Mine. With this done, the Eds, the Cousin Trio, and the Sonic Fighters all leave via Knuckles' Chaos Control, determined to put an end to this war...

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