Chaotic Finale
Chaos Saga, Episode 22
Air date May 14, 2011
Written by SSJRandomMaster
Directed by SSJRandomMaster
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The Two-Headed Threat
Chaotic Finale is the last episode of the Chaos Saga, and the twenty-second overall episode in the Ed Edd n Eddy Z series. In this episode, the Chaos Emeralds are finally retrieved, and it is the Eds' turn to begin the final round against Perfect Chaos, who is weakened but still capable of destroying the Earth...


The episode opens with a full view of Angel Island. The cavern the heroes and Chaos were in was reduced to rubble, with large rocks falling from the sky. As soon as the debris stops raining down, Chaos comes in, injured, but still mad as ever. Before Chaos can kill Shadow, however, Drew, against whatever prejudice he may share with the common Internet user, uses his new move, the Bullet Beam Cannon, to save him. The move temporarily cripples Chaos's power level. However, it is not enough, for Chaos is soon once again in control and is beating on Corey and Drew once again. Meanwhile, Eddy finally finds the last Chaos Emerald.

Before Corey and Drew can be finished off by Chaos, the Eds, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Tails finally arrive back on the scene. After Shadow reveals he was the one who came up with the plan, the Eds use their respective super forms and deliver a severe beating on Chaos. Eventually, Edd reveals a new move, which the Eds use to put Chaos to his limits. Chaos, hard-pressed but unwilling to surrender, decides to blow up the Earth!

Ed unveils his new move, the Static Cannon, while Eddy uses the Ray of Riches and Edd uses the Masenko, all teeming with Chaos Energy. The struggle begins, with neither side getting any real advantage. Corey and Drew break away from the others to get King Kai to help. Once a telepathic link was opened between the cousins and Peach Creek, Corey and Drew instructed Sarah, Jimmy, and Nazz to come forward to speak.

Once the second telepathic link was made, Sarah offered some encouraging words, followed by Jimmy. However, the mere voice of Nazz pushed the Eds to their limits, and with one final burst of energy, neutralized Chaos's Negative Chaos Energy and hit him with everything they had.

Chaos reverts to his Chaos 0 form, falls down to Angel Island, and is quickly resealed into the Master Emerald. After the Eds hear they'll be getting a few days off, they all fight over who gets to date Nazz while the other heroes, Shadow included, have a laugh at this. Meanwhile, Jonny deactivates Nature Mode, and Kevin hosts a cookout to celebrate the Eds' defeat of Chaos.

Six months pass, and it is revealed Eggman will team up with someone to defeat the heroes--an obvious teaser for what lies ahead...


  • Originaly, it was the Corey and Drew that went Super and defeated Chaos. This was later changed to give the Eds their time to shine.